I am looking to invite up to two resident physicians or medical students (IMGs are welcome and encouraged) to join our upcoming research projects at Yale School of Medicine.

What We Do

My university page can be found here and my publications can be found here. My work focuses on innovating and interleaving digital tools with medical education in cardiology. We work as a team of friendly, passionate, and highly diverse faculty, fellows, residents, and medical students.

Our project on guideline directed medical therapy (GDMT) in heart failure with reduced ejection fraction is live at www.GDMT.org and has been recognized by an award from the American Heart Association. Our project on high-sensitivity troponin in myocardial injury is live at www.troponin.org and has been recognized by an award from the Yale Department of Internal Medicine. Our project on stress testing will be public in October 2023 and has been recognized by an award from the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology. Our goal is to produce creative computational tools grounded in national clinical practice guidelines so that they can be accessed by busy physicians at the point of care, and thereby to improve patient care.

Who We Are Looking For

We are launching new cardiology projects over the course of this year, each of which will use a similar model and philosophy, and each of which will welcome fellows, residents, and medical students who are interested. Team meetings are once monthly. If you have computational skills or medical illustration skills in at least one of the following languages or platforms, please consider joining our team.

(1) R +/- Shiny (preferred) or Python +/- Shiny

(2) React Native (preferred), Flutter (preferred), Swift, or Kotlin

(3) PHP, MySQL, Javascript, XHTML, or CSS

(4) Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Sketchbook Inkscape, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, or Blender

While nearly all team members are at Yale School of Medicine, we have welcomed passionate individuals working remotely from other institutions as well, including UCSF, Mayo Clinic, Temple, NYU, and Dartmouth. I am hoping to invite and mentor two additional residents, postgrads, or medical students on the application development process and on research in medical education and cardiology. All contributions will result in inclusion on cardiology conference abstracts, research posters, and manuscripts in peer-reviewed cardiology journals or medical education journals. (Sample)

How to Apply

Please email jiun-ruey.hu@yale.edu by Wednesday, September 20th with your CV and a short paragraph about why you are interested. It would be helpful if you can include a sample or two of your previous programming or medical illustration work, and what dates in the next 6 months you will have as research blocks.

Please note that at this time, we do not need help with data collection or writing, so please do not apply if you do not have the computational skills above.

Thank you for considering.
Ruey Hu, MD, MPH

September 13th, 2023